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Tetsu: NUS Photography Sharing Session

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Sometime back, Brad organised a photography sharing session for his club. I didn’t realise until I was there and saw that everyone else was from the club! Anyway, the session was enjoyable and I did pick up a skill or two about food photography. The really mini ‘degustation’ was good but not enough for a glutton like me! There wasn’t a menu and some items were off the menu according to the conversation with Yu Ling.


First up was a plate of delectables. I particularly liked the tofu as it was silky and soft, leaving an eggy after taste. Yes, I’m a sucker for anything eggs. Then, there’s a small bite-sized beef on the spoon and salmon in the shooter glass.


I don’t really appreciate sashimi though I do have ocassional cravings to get my sashimi fix. I avoided the Tuna sashimi since the very first time I tried it. It had an overpowering fishy smell and the texture was mushy. Yucks. But, Tetsu’s Tuna sashimi was really good I felt and for that, I’m gonna go back for more! The salmon was not too bad. I’m not sure if such prawns are supposed to taste gluey and soft but the one at Tetsu and my previous experiences do taste like that. If so, then sorry it’s not really my cup of tea.


This is probably the japanese version of ngor hiang or fish cake, possibly. Not too bad. Plus the mushroom! I skipped the green chili though.


Carbo loaded just to fill your stomach. I didn’t finish it.


Time for desserts! I think it’s sorbet. Nice, I like.


Sourish and refreshing. Can I have another cup please?

163 Tanglin Road
#03-18 Tanglin Mall
Tel: +65 6836 3112


Orchard Central: Food Central

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first post!

orchard central is a charming shopping centre with a particular concentration of cafeterias and restaurants strewn all over, what a makan-potential!!

so what have we here, hmm.. and while most flogs will present to ya one restaurant at a time with one genre, we’re a little greedy oops, so here’s a ‘set’ which we consumed voraciously.

first up, we start the afternoon with a chill-pill in Spinelli:

Caramel Latte $5.80

frothing cup of caramel latte, certainly a delight to have in the rainy weather of this season. a pleasure to the senses. however, somebody tells me that starbucks has much yummier caramel frappucino and latte. which i somehow find it difficult to disagree with because the cup of latte was somehow forgettable. but still something aromatic to slurp down the throat to calm the senses in the rainy weather.

next was a short trip to Ootoya on the top floor of orchard central! serving japanese cuisine, many flogs have recommended it and the queues trailing far and winding. so we went down!
Service was alright, with the waiters polite but one however was in a queer mood, let’s just put it that way. bah, let’s go on to food oh glorious food!

Breaded pork loin simmered with egg, $16
What a delight. the delicious sight of the half-cooked eggs drizzling tantalisingly around the sharp unyielding edges of the pork. the teeth sinking into the fibers of the loin separates out a chunk of happiness to ease any cravings for katsu. the rice which came with it was also authentic japanese rice which is rare in singapore at a medium end japanese restaurant. the sauce was also a perfect combination with the rice, making it irresistable to reach out for another bowl of rice, which leads me to declare-ootoya has free refillable rice! and with the rice so good, it’s hard to see why it’s value for money to order the set instead of ala carte per se.

next was the atka mackerel, $17
it was a wonderful feast not just for the mouth but also for the eyes to see the fish lie oh so seductively open, but the eater had to spend quite a hassle to remove the entire anatomical range of bones in the aquatic creature. but it brought the taste of the sea, literally, with it being a tad too salty? just my humble opinion once again. but the fish was so tender, with the flesh graduating into flakes of tasty grilled mackerel. rather an intriguing taste. and of course, it went well with the rice as well.

and so we the full bulls went in search of even more japanese food! ikatakimaz!! forgive my erroneous spelling of japanese words. i try.

we went to ajiman ramen who was really very cordial in their welcome customers, and at thisisyummy, we take into important account the holistic treating of customers, not just the food, but the service as well, what do you think readers? is food perhaps the sole importance? there is no right or wrong. oops i have derailed from my train of food.. i mean … train.. of thought.

Ajiman Ramen Combi, $19.80

this combination really just brings out what makes this restaurant so special. the broth is unlike those restaurants who-are-not-to-be-named who use packeted/formula broths to serve, but instead they have boiled their broth for 8 hours straight, bringing out the flavour of ginger and spices from within. at the same time the soup presents such a light flavour which is tasty at the same time. the noodles were silky and smooth, slurping it was a true pleasure.

it gave a welcome adventure and freshness in eating ramen from the usual ramen franchise chain which we eat in shopping malls. this dish was basically a degustation of the various kinds of ramen in here. the crab was fresh and teasingly fun to eat, however it can be quite a hassle to do so, you must really love the taste of crabs, but the taste of these ones were certainly worth the labour. the char shu deserves a special mention. the sweetness and tenderness of the pork makes us puzzled as to whether it was the thigh of the chicken. it was that tender, yes. it sank into the taste buds of the tongue and released a rush of pleasure. the just-right fat on top of it is equivalent to the icing on the cake. and the char shu in comparison to other places, is thick and juicy and not merely the paper-thin kind, it is very substantial. the prawn was fresh and fragrant and the ramen egg is very authentic, with the curded egg yolk slipping out invitingly for us to reach out and savour it, the authentic ramen egg is ‘marinated’ in herbs and sauce for an entire night! i would definitely recommend this dish.

Hotate Bacon @ Ajiman, $5.80
the hotate bacon was another dish which lit up the eyes. the first thought that came to my mind.. am i eating bacon? it was so tender and juicy and it was encapsulating its good friend, the grilled scallop, covered with a blanket of mayonnaise to complete the masterpiece. the scallop keeps all its flavour within and if you ever wondered how seafood and bacon can mix, this is it!

what better way to end it then a hearty dessert? let’s break the banks for this-Fruit Paradise. here, they serve gourmet pies and well let’s just put it this way, people may actually cringe at the price tag placed in front of its glamorous pies. let’s just give it a try! the ambience was fantastic, good for first dates to bring to the seats next to the glowing lights. because our greedy bellies were bursting at the seams, we decided to just have one, just that one more please! =) we got the banana caramel slice. and oh, it was marvellous.

Banana Caramel, $7.80++
satisfying. the crust, the custard, the banana slices, the caramel, the heavy whipped cream, how could it mix so seamlessly!!

it was worth the money, definitely thumbs up! as the fork sinks patiently through the cool thickness of the pie, the mouth opens in anticipation to receive its honoured guest, and oh it was that kind of experience which makes you think of it all evening, and we’ll definitely go back for more!! when we’ve saved enough again of course. =X but order the curry rice and enjoy $2 shaved off this perfect dessert. yes, if you were ever thinking, is there that perfect dessert? this one comes within a whisker from it, definitely on this visit.

phew. we are so full. and nothing beats enjoying a fantastic evening of food with a fantastic evening of christmas decoration envying. and friday being friday, let’s dream about it whilst we sleep into a productive and enjoyable weekend. cheers everybody.

Pictures taken using Nokia N72