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Blic Ice Cream Cafe

Posted in # Dessert, + Tampines, - Ice cream on April 6, 2010 by thisisyummy

It’s time for some comfort food.

I’ll be on a two week hiatus before bringing good food to you. I shall leave you now to be hungry for ice cream.

I pinched myself for not joining the food bloggers after our March outing at Halia for an invited session to try the ice cream by a new ice cream parlour, Blic. They were all full of praises and I told myself I have to try it for myself!

Blic is just a stone’s throw away from Temasek Polytechnic. The carpark was quite full and it took us some time to find a lot. It was all worth it I tell you.

We were greeted by the friendly owners of Blic. I love the pleasing interior of the ice cream cafe. The cafe was filled with fragrant durian aroma and we all looked at each other in agreement.

Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream ($5.20)

Yucks, I used to hate durian. You heard me right. But being adventurous food lover, I stop at nothing to impress my picky tastebuds and satisfy my fat belly. After trying out Four Season’s Durian Pancakes, I kinda took a liking to durian thereafter. Once in awhile, I do crave for some good durian, though I still stay away from the fruit itself.


Blic’s Mao Shan Wang was fantastic. So good that we bought one pint to take home. Blic didn’t compromise on quality. It’s like the real deal, yums. The flavour was strong enough and gave that extra oomph.

We were undecided about the other flavours and were offered to try a few of Blic’s bestseller. It was a difficult choice. I wish I could have them all.

We settled for Blackie ($3.20), cookies & cream I suppose?


Cookies & cream is the safest choice for ice cream and Blic scores on this flavour as well.

& there I was, craving for some smackin’ hot brownie ($3) as well.


Even though ice cream is Blic’s specialty, their brownie was not a let down either. A pity there wasn’t vanilla ice cream to go with the piping hot brownie served. Blic offers the Mexican Vanilla though, and according to Ben, the Mexican Vanilla is another type of vanilla beans that look exactly like the usual ones, but with a stronger and spicy flavour. Mexican Vanilla? Next time perhaps!


I know nuts about ice cream making, but I know that Blic makes really good ice cream. =) I love how smooth Blic’s ice cream are. I’m not sure for you, but I could feel Ben & Larry’s (owners of Blic) passion in their ice cream. It’s no wonder Blic is doing so well even though they have just entered the industry. It’s a very close competitor to my current favourite ice cream parlor, Udders. Can’t pass the verdict yet because I haven’t tried Blic’s alcoholic flavours and Udder’s durian flavour.

Blic, I’ll be back right after my exams!

Ice cream is my comfort food, what’s yours?


Blk 802 Tampines Ave 4 #01-23
Singapore, 520802
Phone: 67860860
Mon – Thurs: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 12:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Tung Lok Signatures

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A few weeks ago I celebrated my 21st birthday with my family at Tung Lok Signatures. There were a few places on my list but all non-chinese fare was immediately strucked off the list as my dad is a traditional man who loves his chinese food and nothing else. I thought Tung Lok would be ideal because it never fails to impress me on my previous two visits. It could be the diminishing marginal utility at work for me, but my family gave thumbs down for the overall dinner.


The server recommended some coconut juice which was surprisingly green. If you like coconut, you’ll probably enjoy the refreshing drink. I think it’s an acquired taste.


I love pickles. Luckily my sis doesn’t like them so I can have all of them to myself.

Roasted Meat $10 (not in set menu)

I remember my previous visit the roasted meat left a really deep impression so I suggested ordering it on top of the set menu we had. Crispy skin, yes. Juicy meat, er, not quite there. And there was a porky taste/smell which didn’t impress.

Deep-Fried Stuffed Scallop with Crisp-Fried Oats Served on Lettuce

First on the menu, three other hungry people were staring at the huge serving of piping hot stuffed scallop while waiting for yours truly to take photos. I think they were quite used to it already except that we were all starving that evening. I supposed the scallop was deep-fried at a sufficiently high temperature and the oil used was clean as the crispy outer crust was not dripping with oil. Great starter!

Braised Shark’s Fin with Fresh Crab Meat and Minced Chicken

Oh, so there was minced chicken. I doubt anyone at the table realised there was minced chicken in the soup. We were all happily slurping the thickly brewed soup with real (but small) shark’s fin and crab meat swimming in the soup.


Unlike the usual starchy shark’s fin soup with hardly any visible fins, everyone enjoyed the second item on the menu immensely as we were blown away by the sweet tasting crab meat and bits of shark’s fins. Yes, and not to mention that real good ingredients were used and we could tell that soup was brewed long enough that the sweetness of the ingredients diffused into the soup.

Sauteed ‘Gui Hua’ Clams with Broad Beans served with Beancurd Skin in X.O. Sauce

For a person who doesn’t like beans, I actually enjoyed the broad beans that was crunchy and sweet. We all thought we were eating sotong as the clams tasted so much like sotong! Did they say X.O. Sauce? It was barely detectable. What killed the whole dish was the oil. It was far too oily that we felt queasy after that.

Steamed Live Marble Goby with Minced Ginger

Fresh catch indeed. The fish was nicely executed topped with minced ginger that gave the extra oomph. What was really good was that the fish was served almost boneless! I wonder how the chef did it. Nice one. However, I suspect they used corn flour or something similar to coat the fish as there was a starchy texture which turned soggy in the sauce.

Braised Pork Belly with Vintage Vinegar

We didn’t notice that we had pork belly in the menu or we wouldn’t have ordered the separate ala-carte roasted pork. By this time, our stomachs were already quite full. I felt the pork belly was disappointing as the standards fell so much from the previous time I dined there. No doubt the pork belly was soft and juicy, but again, there was a porky taste/smell that was overpowering. Again, it was too oily and we gave our feedback to the polite server.

Steamed Rice with Diced Pork, Sausage and Yam served in Earthen Bowl
We heaved a huge sigh of relief as we come to the final course before the dessert. Luckily the rice was flavourful enough so I still managed to finish my portion. Mum and sis thought that the claypot rice at The Cathay Restaurant fared much better. I thought Tung Lok’s version was better though.

Chilled Mango, Pomelo and Sago with Ice Cream
The first mouth my sis tried she exclaimed that it was better that Ah Chew Dessert at Liang Seah Street. Well, I brought them previously as I thought they would like it. Apparently they didn’t. But anyway, glad they all enjoyed the dessert at Tung Lok though our stomachs were bursting already! The ice cream was the one that gave the dessert a unique taste. It tasted like coconut ice cream, which went very well with the not too sweet mango.

Mian Hua Gao (Cotton Cake)
Just as we thought our stomachs could start digesting and take a break, the waitress served us Tung Lok’s complimentary ‘mian hua gao’. The cake tasted like marshmallow! That was what I could remember other than the fact that I was really full.

It was $268++ for the set meal for 4 people, excluding the additional roasted meat and coconut juice we ordered. We overheard from the table beside us that the two VIP guests were not too impressed with the food that evening as well. So I was right about the dropped in standards. Maybe it was another chef that evening or something else? I shall not discredit Tung Lok for there were a few courses in the menu I enjoyed.

Once Upon A Milkshake

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Once upon a milkshake, or OUAM for short, featured on the must-try lists after reading so many excellent reviews about it. So we went down to try them out! And met LadyIronChef there as well, was nice to meet him there.
We decided to play it safe while being adventurous, venturing out with the Grumbling Raisin, essentially rum and raisin ice cream milkshake, and staying safe with the Agent Strawberry, with the cute and pretty interior, it was perfect that it is conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar MRT as well.

Grumbling Raisin – Regular $5.50
Ever tasted Udder’s Rum and Raisin? This one tasted very similar, albeit with lesser rum, but still with the smooth texture, interestingly refreshing taste, it would be wonderful to chill out with good company whilst sipping a delightful mouth of this drink–I would gladly give away calories to this in exchange for some endorphins.

Agent Strawberry – Regular $5.50
We thought, what could be so special about Agent Strawberry? It was, the hue of fresh strawberries swirling within, the juice of strawberries was evidently present as well. It was great.
Just a piece of advice, go with the mini instead at $3+, a small cute cup, you can actually try much more flavours! We should have anyway. Because after these two cups aka mugs, we were so full, but satisfied at that too! Recommended definitely! You’ll not be disappointed if you’re looking for a cup of endorphins! But it may be a bit sweet for some yups.

32 Maxwell Road
#01-08 Maxwell Chambers
Tel: +65 9823 3779

Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie @ Raffles City

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Hullo! it’s end of the week! And the start of a long weekend. hope yall have had a fantabulous week!

Well, we’ve initially planned to lay our taste buds to a treat at cedele in raffles city, but rats! Blistering barnacles it’s closed for renovation! They’ve stated that they’ll be closed till mid dec aka christmas. so stay tuned frens! =)


But we still have a fantastic alternative for you if you’re walking around Raffles City and have hunger growls furrowing your eye brows-and that is Canele. Yes, it’s the dashing place right outside MPH and the ATMs. With a calming ambience beside the water fountain therapeutically relaxing us, we were in for an excellent meal to begin the weekend with a smash! =) With such a long enticing list of goodies, what should we choose? ooo… the luxury of choice!!

Big Breakfast Pizza $13.50


Whoa. The word sunny-side up shone glaringly, and my eyes lit up with craving and hungrily! I certainly have a soft spot for all things breakfast! If only breakfast sets were available all day! That would be smiley smiley for everybody! Do you just find something simply delightful about breakfast sets? I do! Haha. The pizza is really as good as it looks. And as I was trying to equate the food and the taste with words, there was just something that struck me on my mind, it is simple, simply delicious. There is just something primitively seductive about the egg yolk dribbling down invitingly down the edges of the meticulously prepared pizza. The crispy crust, combined seamlessly with the tomato sauce, mozzarella, and bacon beef pepperoni, the taste mixes excellently in the mouth, and chewing it just gives us a feeling of satisfaction. It just makes it a fabulous plate of food to be shared between two people, and simply catch up over food! Because as much as we love food, the company, the ambience has to be there to complete the taste, the concept of “total bliss”! Heh.

Doria Bolognaise and Poached Egg With Parmesan Cheese – $16.00


There we go again. We’re tempted by the eggs! It just looks too perfect to be eaten, do you ever get that feeling of just perserving the beauty of an un-pricked yolk? But hey, let us enjoy the sight of the food and savour the tastes of it! Let the taste buds enjoy as much as the visual components for the eyes! I have certainly not eaten baked rice which has tasted like this before. The parmesan cheese definitely enriched the flavour of the rice and certainly complemented it well, and there is just something about the deliberately but intricately charred exterior. Whilst the taste of burnt food was hinted somewhat, but it somehow did not spoil the taste at all, instead, it gave a homely feeling to the dish; after all, home-cooked food definitely can taste much more soulful and enriching than the most expensive foie gras for example. However, the bolognaise was a tad too salty. We might be biased with our proclaimed love for eggs, but the poached egg definitely saved the dish, again going well with the parmesan cheese and I am sure we all love egg with rice don’t we? =) This dish in my humble opinion is good to try, generally. But the pizza previously was definitely a more refined tasty dish for the hungry. =)

Nougatine – $13.50


Oh my goodness. This one certainly gave us plenty to rave about! We certainly loved this powerful flavour packed crepe! When the dish arrived, we just let out a little hush of awe. It was so carefully arranged, and it looks oh-so-inviting. My hand holding the fork was thinking which way to go! Well, how about the heavy whipped cream? A little fraction of cream propped atop the tip of the fork and when it enters the mouth, it was rich, fantastic, yet somehow light and pleasant! Wow. The crepe was enveloping its illustrious ingredient, Nutella! Nutella was perfect for the crepe as it is not too chocolatey yet it provides the rush of endorphins and the uncontrollable smile of glee, and that was how we felt as well with the Nougatine ice cream! With little walnuts mixed within to provide something crispy to chew on, it freshly combined with the caramel and Nougatine ice cream, when we ate it, the rush entered the bloodstream and lo and behold, a feeling of simple satisfaction and contentment, just makes us feel like relaxing back on the chair and just simply savour it all up! And you know how caramel can sometimes overkill with sweetness? This one was just sensational, teaming up with the other ingredients and not domineering over anyone. And as we playfully cracked the crisp apart by hitting it with our butter knife, it was really… perfect. You should really try it, good to share amongst 2-3 people because it is really value for money, in terms of both quality (definitely) as well as quantity! =) You’ll enjoy it hopefully as much as we did!


all in all, Canele is terrific place to go to with friends to chill-out, your girlfriend to simply enjoy some yummy goodies, or even a first date beside the splendid fountain next to it. Good food, good company, cheers everybody.

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-81/82 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Operating Hours:
Daily: 10am – 10pm

Yoguru – Yogurt with peach top up – $5.00


Oops, we’re not that greedy! Just some healthy yogurt that’s all. How insatiable. Haha. Yea walking pass Yoguru, with the colourful pretty array of fruits available to top up and sprinkle over the yogurt, we just spent $5.00 more, and it was really worth it. In my humble person opinion, it was more in quantity in regular than its medium counterpart at Yami, and it tasted to much fluffier and the peachy tang in it just made us yearn for even more! The peach top ups were not too sweet, it was definitely nice to feast our eyes on the Christmas lightings near Raffles City as we enjoyed Yoguru’s yoghurt. Yummy.

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-55 Raffles City Shopping Centre

Have a good long weekend everybody! Have some laughs, and hopefully some fantastic food! =) Cheers.

Pictures taken using Canon EOS 500D.