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Restaurant week is an excuse for me to splurge on food. Il Lido is the second participating restaurant I dined at during Restaurant Week. If I were to go to Il Lido on a normal day for their ala carte menu, the bill would be a good hundred bucks per person. Just look at the seafood pasta on their ala carte menu, so tempting.

Complimentary bread

Crispy, but certainly not the best. Definitely could do better. The generous portion of bread was not fragrant enough and the spices were a tad too mild.

Candy Floss $12 (Not in restaurant week menu)

After much ‘hard-selling’, we decided to order some drinks, on top of a $10 still water. We felt so cheated. Anyway, my mum and sis ordered a mocktail each as recommended by the waiter. It was too sweet and syrupy, if there is such a word. When the waiter came around to check, we had already finished half the cup. Nevertheless, he fixed the two mocktails. I guess he just added lemon and some water.

Gianduia $14 (Not in restaurant week menu)

I forgot to take a photo of this. It’s chocolate martini served in glass, as recommended by the waiter, again. One of the worst martini ever. No detectable chocolate flavour and it was too sweet.

Scallops with chanterelle mushrooms, sweet garlic cream and crispy prosciutto

Scallops, they were huge. A pity they were not springy enough.

Porcini mushroom & truffle cream soup

We all enjoyed this soup the best. It was thick and creamy, nice. Il Lido redeemed itself only with this soup, sadly.

Angel hair pasta with spicy baby prawns

Look at the baby prawns! Er, shrimps I think were what they meant. My sister regretted her choice of mains almost immediately when it was served. The angel hair pasta was a letdown. It was not al dente and the sauce, oh what sauce? We were 3 hungry and unsatisfied diners, apparently the staffs at Il Lido were oblivious to us.

Atlantic cod with cantarelle mushroom, baby leeks and prosecco wine sauce

The atlantic cod was alright, though it didn’t blow me away.

Slow cooked wagyu beef cheek with celeriac and crunchy vegetables

I preferred my choice of mains that afternoon. The beef cheek was tender and fatty, though the sauce could had been better.

Molten lava chocolate cake in hazelnut crust with vanilla ice cream

After a terribly disappointing lunch, we thought maybe the molten lava chocolate cake could impress us a little. However, the dessert wasn’t served hot and the melted chocolate was quite cold when we ate it almost immediately after it was served. I prefer the varlhona chocolate in Greenwood Fish Market’s warm chocolate fondant. The vanilla ice cream was average as well.

As one of Singapore Business Review Top 50 Restaurants in 2009, not only did Il Lido fail to impress, the food and service was far from acceptable. After our tables were cleared for like 20 minutes, our coffee/tea was still not served yet. Feeling annoyed with the entire lunch affair already, we asked for the bill. When we feedbacked to the waiter who passed us the bill, he just said sorry and stood there, expecting my mum to sign the bill. Then, he paused, and asked if we wanted to be served our coffee/tea now. Of course we told him off saying it’s unnecessary already and he obligingly collected the bill then. For an upmarket restaurant like Il Lido, especially, even if we were too annoyed to have our coffee/table, it’s basic courtesy to suggest something to make it up for the mistake rather than regarding it as though nothing happened. Even though this is but a minor issue, this speaks a lot about Il Lido’s service.

Now, for the verdict. I’m half-hearted about Il Lido. After a terrible dining experience there, I was doubtful about all the praises that I heard and read about. Yet, I feel like giving Il Lido a second chance to prove itself. Maybe, maybe not?

I wonder if Restaurant Week and the menu participating restaurants are an accurate indication of their true standards. It will not be fair to all the other restaurants as I have only tried two participating restaurants this Restaurant Week.

Did you dine at any restaurants this Restaurant Week? What’s your take?

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I’ve long heard about Absinthe but never had the chance to check it out. Thankfully for Glenn, who made a reservation at Absinthe for Restaurant Week, I had the opportunity to try the food there. Absinthe was one of the many restaurants who were fully booked for Restaurant Week and having heard of the positive reviews of the food, I went with high expectations. The dinner menu is at $55++. 



I’d like to commend the service at Absinthe as I really felt at home that evening. The waiter patiently introduced to us some of the beverages and was friendly in serving us throughout the dinner. Service is one factor that I regard highly as no matter how good the food can be, if the service is disappointing, then I guess that’s my last time there. With such a lovely start to the dinner, I was even more excited for what is to come next! 

Tartare of Hokkaido Scallops with Wakame and Citrus Dressing 


Interesting starter to begin the meal. I love how the orginal seafood flavour tasted. After a long hiatus from spoiling my tastebuds from all the delicious food, this dish definitely teased those tastebuds and they shout “More! More!”. Yes, so that was how much I was anticipating for an awesome dinner. 

Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly, Star Aniseed Jus and Fennel Salad 

Call me fussy and hard to please, but I like to enjoy my meal slowly without being rushed to gobble up my food to prevent the plates from crowding the table. Absinthe scores here as the food was served as appropriate intervals. I remember on some ocassions when I dined at some restaurants, they try to stagger the food served to customers but the food comes out cold. At Absinthe, you can expect to be served food fresh from the kitchen! 

The pork was crispy on the outside and as you sink your teeth into it, the fats simply melt in your mouth. It was well accompanied by the rocket leaves and pear-spices chutney. There, I was just telling my dining partner how the dish reminded me of the foie gras at Sage, crispy on the outside and how the fats melt in your mouth. So sinful but definitely worth the calories. 

French Duck Breast, Sauteed Potatoes, Rocket and Mushroom 

My dining partner had the french duck breast and I tried a piece of it. It’s the first time I tasted raw duck and I didn’t really like it. The texture was like beef done medium, but it had this tinge of smell which I’m not too familiar with. Well, at least I tried it before. For duck lovers out there, you may love this main course though! 

Grilled Pink Snapper, Salad of Baby Spinach and Spelt, Lobster Scented Hollandaise 

I ordered the fish and boy, it was really good! I usually eat chicken rice without the skin, and fish without the skin. Partially because it’s fattening, also because I don’t really like the soft and oily texture of the skin. Give me fried crispy skin anytime. I like how Absinthe’s grilled pink snapper was soft and juicy. Also, the skin was crispy the way I like it! Thumbs up! 

So good that I have to post another picture!

Verbena and Blueberries Crème Brulee with Raspberry Sorbet 

It’s time for dessert! I’ve not had desserts for a long time. Creme brulee? It got me excited again. I was expecting vanilla beans and smooth textured creme brulee. Sadly, the dessert fell short of what I expected. The caramel layer was too thick and stucked to my teeth. Was there vanilla beans? The restaurant lighting was too dim but I certainly didn’t taste any. The texture was a tad too watery. Still, I enjoyed the ice-cream. =) Although there were hits and misses, I had a pleasant dining experience at Absinthe on the whole. The humble attitude of the waiters at Absinthe made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Chef Francois took some time to show us around Absinthe, Oso and the private dining rooms. I wouldn’t mind going back to Absinthe next time, perhaps to try out their degustation menu or the ala carte menu. 

To read a similar review on Absinthe of my dining partner, visit

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