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Blic Ice Cream Cafe

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It’s time for some comfort food.

I’ll be on a two week hiatus before bringing good food to you. I shall leave you now to be hungry for ice cream.

I pinched myself for not joining the food bloggers after our March outing at Halia for an invited session to try the ice cream by a new ice cream parlour, Blic. They were all full of praises and I told myself I have to try it for myself!

Blic is just a stone’s throw away from Temasek Polytechnic. The carpark was quite full and it took us some time to find a lot. It was all worth it I tell you.

We were greeted by the friendly owners of Blic. I love the pleasing interior of the ice cream cafe. The cafe was filled with fragrant durian aroma and we all looked at each other in agreement.

Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream ($5.20)

Yucks, I used to hate durian. You heard me right. But being adventurous food lover, I stop at nothing to impress my picky tastebuds and satisfy my fat belly. After trying out Four Season’s Durian Pancakes, I kinda took a liking to durian thereafter. Once in awhile, I do crave for some good durian, though I still stay away from the fruit itself.


Blic’s Mao Shan Wang was fantastic. So good that we bought one pint to take home. Blic didn’t compromise on quality. It’s like the real deal, yums. The flavour was strong enough and gave that extra oomph.

We were undecided about the other flavours and were offered to try a few of Blic’s bestseller. It was a difficult choice. I wish I could have them all.

We settled for Blackie ($3.20), cookies & cream I suppose?


Cookies & cream is the safest choice for ice cream and Blic scores on this flavour as well.

& there I was, craving for some smackin’ hot brownie ($3) as well.


Even though ice cream is Blic’s specialty, their brownie was not a let down either. A pity there wasn’t vanilla ice cream to go with the piping hot brownie served. Blic offers the Mexican Vanilla though, and according to Ben, the Mexican Vanilla is another type of vanilla beans that look exactly like the usual ones, but with a stronger and spicy flavour. Mexican Vanilla? Next time perhaps!


I know nuts about ice cream making, but I know that Blic makes really good ice cream. =) I love how smooth Blic’s ice cream are. I’m not sure for you, but I could feel Ben & Larry’s (owners of Blic) passion in their ice cream. It’s no wonder Blic is doing so well even though they have just entered the industry. It’s a very close competitor to my current favourite ice cream parlor, Udders. Can’t pass the verdict yet because I haven’t tried Blic’s alcoholic flavours and Udder’s durian flavour.

Blic, I’ll be back right after my exams!

Ice cream is my comfort food, what’s yours?


Blk 802 Tampines Ave 4 #01-23
Singapore, 520802
Phone: 67860860
Mon – Thurs: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 12:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Il Lido

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Restaurant week is an excuse for me to splurge on food. Il Lido is the second participating restaurant I dined at during Restaurant Week. If I were to go to Il Lido on a normal day for their ala carte menu, the bill would be a good hundred bucks per person. Just look at the seafood pasta on their ala carte menu, so tempting.

Complimentary bread

Crispy, but certainly not the best. Definitely could do better. The generous portion of bread was not fragrant enough and the spices were a tad too mild.

Candy Floss $12 (Not in restaurant week menu)

After much ‘hard-selling’, we decided to order some drinks, on top of a $10 still water. We felt so cheated. Anyway, my mum and sis ordered a mocktail each as recommended by the waiter. It was too sweet and syrupy, if there is such a word. When the waiter came around to check, we had already finished half the cup. Nevertheless, he fixed the two mocktails. I guess he just added lemon and some water.

Gianduia $14 (Not in restaurant week menu)

I forgot to take a photo of this. It’s chocolate martini served in glass, as recommended by the waiter, again. One of the worst martini ever. No detectable chocolate flavour and it was too sweet.

Scallops with chanterelle mushrooms, sweet garlic cream and crispy prosciutto

Scallops, they were huge. A pity they were not springy enough.

Porcini mushroom & truffle cream soup

We all enjoyed this soup the best. It was thick and creamy, nice. Il Lido redeemed itself only with this soup, sadly.

Angel hair pasta with spicy baby prawns

Look at the baby prawns! Er, shrimps I think were what they meant. My sister regretted her choice of mains almost immediately when it was served. The angel hair pasta was a letdown. It was not al dente and the sauce, oh what sauce? We were 3 hungry and unsatisfied diners, apparently the staffs at Il Lido were oblivious to us.

Atlantic cod with cantarelle mushroom, baby leeks and prosecco wine sauce

The atlantic cod was alright, though it didn’t blow me away.

Slow cooked wagyu beef cheek with celeriac and crunchy vegetables

I preferred my choice of mains that afternoon. The beef cheek was tender and fatty, though the sauce could had been better.

Molten lava chocolate cake in hazelnut crust with vanilla ice cream

After a terribly disappointing lunch, we thought maybe the molten lava chocolate cake could impress us a little. However, the dessert wasn’t served hot and the melted chocolate was quite cold when we ate it almost immediately after it was served. I prefer the varlhona chocolate in Greenwood Fish Market’s warm chocolate fondant. The vanilla ice cream was average as well.

As one of Singapore Business Review Top 50 Restaurants in 2009, not only did Il Lido fail to impress, the food and service was far from acceptable. After our tables were cleared for like 20 minutes, our coffee/tea was still not served yet. Feeling annoyed with the entire lunch affair already, we asked for the bill. When we feedbacked to the waiter who passed us the bill, he just said sorry and stood there, expecting my mum to sign the bill. Then, he paused, and asked if we wanted to be served our coffee/tea now. Of course we told him off saying it’s unnecessary already and he obligingly collected the bill then. For an upmarket restaurant like Il Lido, especially, even if we were too annoyed to have our coffee/table, it’s basic courtesy to suggest something to make it up for the mistake rather than regarding it as though nothing happened. Even though this is but a minor issue, this speaks a lot about Il Lido’s service.

Now, for the verdict. I’m half-hearted about Il Lido. After a terrible dining experience there, I was doubtful about all the praises that I heard and read about. Yet, I feel like giving Il Lido a second chance to prove itself. Maybe, maybe not?

I wonder if Restaurant Week and the menu participating restaurants are an accurate indication of their true standards. It will not be fair to all the other restaurants as I have only tried two participating restaurants this Restaurant Week.

Did you dine at any restaurants this Restaurant Week? What’s your take?

27 Bukit Manis Road
#02-00 Sentosa Golf Club
Tel: +65 6866 1977


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I’ve long heard about Absinthe but never had the chance to check it out. Thankfully for Glenn, who made a reservation at Absinthe for Restaurant Week, I had the opportunity to try the food there. Absinthe was one of the many restaurants who were fully booked for Restaurant Week and having heard of the positive reviews of the food, I went with high expectations. The dinner menu is at $55++. 



I’d like to commend the service at Absinthe as I really felt at home that evening. The waiter patiently introduced to us some of the beverages and was friendly in serving us throughout the dinner. Service is one factor that I regard highly as no matter how good the food can be, if the service is disappointing, then I guess that’s my last time there. With such a lovely start to the dinner, I was even more excited for what is to come next! 

Tartare of Hokkaido Scallops with Wakame and Citrus Dressing 


Interesting starter to begin the meal. I love how the orginal seafood flavour tasted. After a long hiatus from spoiling my tastebuds from all the delicious food, this dish definitely teased those tastebuds and they shout “More! More!”. Yes, so that was how much I was anticipating for an awesome dinner. 

Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly, Star Aniseed Jus and Fennel Salad 

Call me fussy and hard to please, but I like to enjoy my meal slowly without being rushed to gobble up my food to prevent the plates from crowding the table. Absinthe scores here as the food was served as appropriate intervals. I remember on some ocassions when I dined at some restaurants, they try to stagger the food served to customers but the food comes out cold. At Absinthe, you can expect to be served food fresh from the kitchen! 

The pork was crispy on the outside and as you sink your teeth into it, the fats simply melt in your mouth. It was well accompanied by the rocket leaves and pear-spices chutney. There, I was just telling my dining partner how the dish reminded me of the foie gras at Sage, crispy on the outside and how the fats melt in your mouth. So sinful but definitely worth the calories. 

French Duck Breast, Sauteed Potatoes, Rocket and Mushroom 

My dining partner had the french duck breast and I tried a piece of it. It’s the first time I tasted raw duck and I didn’t really like it. The texture was like beef done medium, but it had this tinge of smell which I’m not too familiar with. Well, at least I tried it before. For duck lovers out there, you may love this main course though! 

Grilled Pink Snapper, Salad of Baby Spinach and Spelt, Lobster Scented Hollandaise 

I ordered the fish and boy, it was really good! I usually eat chicken rice without the skin, and fish without the skin. Partially because it’s fattening, also because I don’t really like the soft and oily texture of the skin. Give me fried crispy skin anytime. I like how Absinthe’s grilled pink snapper was soft and juicy. Also, the skin was crispy the way I like it! Thumbs up! 

So good that I have to post another picture!

Verbena and Blueberries Crème Brulee with Raspberry Sorbet 

It’s time for dessert! I’ve not had desserts for a long time. Creme brulee? It got me excited again. I was expecting vanilla beans and smooth textured creme brulee. Sadly, the dessert fell short of what I expected. The caramel layer was too thick and stucked to my teeth. Was there vanilla beans? The restaurant lighting was too dim but I certainly didn’t taste any. The texture was a tad too watery. Still, I enjoyed the ice-cream. =) Although there were hits and misses, I had a pleasant dining experience at Absinthe on the whole. The humble attitude of the waiters at Absinthe made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Chef Francois took some time to show us around Absinthe, Oso and the private dining rooms. I wouldn’t mind going back to Absinthe next time, perhaps to try out their degustation menu or the ala carte menu. 

To read a similar review on Absinthe of my dining partner, visit

 48 Bukit Pasoh Road
Phone: +65 62 229 068

K ki ケーキ

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Tucked at a small corner of Ann Siang Hill is the little dröm stall. While checking out the cute artsy fartsy cameras and products by budding designers, have a piece of cake at K Ki! What a perfect way to enjoy a peaceful afternoon, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Kenneth and his wife, Delphine, were very hospitable. They were sharing how they would cycle to K Ki early in the morning to start baking and cycle home in the evening after a day’s work. How nice, doing something out of passion rather than the constant pursuit of financial stability. Maybe someday, I might be able to leave everything behind and pursue what I really like!

Antoinette $8.00

This is my favourite! A perfect yet unique combination of white chocolate cake with mango filling. I’m craving for this as I’m typing this entry!

Mona $8.00

Mona is good too. The cream is well textured and the layers together packs a punch. I like my cakes with different textured layers, not those that’s just plain sponge cake with lots of cream.

Strawberry Tart $6.50


K Ki’s strawberry tart fares decently. If only it had my favourite custard. Yums. K Ki’s cakes are original and even the most common strawberry tart available everywhere is done differently at K Ki!

Kinabaru $8.00


The lovely couple at K Ki really takes pride their creations that even the name of some cakes are original and actually have a story behind it! Once again, K Ki scores at the perfect layering combination here. Coconut mousse, passionfruit creme and lychee mousse. Kinabaru is a really light flavoured cake with the different layers going well with one another and yet not too overpowering. I like this cake second best, very close behind Antoinette. =)

Cafe Dumo $7.50


The cute name reminds me of the popular Domo-kun. If you realised, K Ki’s cakes are mostly light flavoured and Cafe Dumo is probably one of the few richer cakes that K Ki offers. This is no ordinary cake, worth the try if you do head down to K Ki at Ann Siang Hill.

Mont Blanc $8.50


I had my first Mont Blanc at K Ki. Having heard raved reviews about Mont Blanc, I was keen to find out how it tasted. It was really good! Though I haven’t been around to try other Mont Blanc cakes, I’m quite certain Kenneth did a great job there. This is another cake I’m going back to K Ki for!

I’ll definitely return to K Ki, real soon!

K ki ケーキ
7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel: +65 6225 6650

Tung Lok Signatures

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A few weeks ago I celebrated my 21st birthday with my family at Tung Lok Signatures. There were a few places on my list but all non-chinese fare was immediately strucked off the list as my dad is a traditional man who loves his chinese food and nothing else. I thought Tung Lok would be ideal because it never fails to impress me on my previous two visits. It could be the diminishing marginal utility at work for me, but my family gave thumbs down for the overall dinner.


The server recommended some coconut juice which was surprisingly green. If you like coconut, you’ll probably enjoy the refreshing drink. I think it’s an acquired taste.


I love pickles. Luckily my sis doesn’t like them so I can have all of them to myself.

Roasted Meat $10 (not in set menu)

I remember my previous visit the roasted meat left a really deep impression so I suggested ordering it on top of the set menu we had. Crispy skin, yes. Juicy meat, er, not quite there. And there was a porky taste/smell which didn’t impress.

Deep-Fried Stuffed Scallop with Crisp-Fried Oats Served on Lettuce

First on the menu, three other hungry people were staring at the huge serving of piping hot stuffed scallop while waiting for yours truly to take photos. I think they were quite used to it already except that we were all starving that evening. I supposed the scallop was deep-fried at a sufficiently high temperature and the oil used was clean as the crispy outer crust was not dripping with oil. Great starter!

Braised Shark’s Fin with Fresh Crab Meat and Minced Chicken

Oh, so there was minced chicken. I doubt anyone at the table realised there was minced chicken in the soup. We were all happily slurping the thickly brewed soup with real (but small) shark’s fin and crab meat swimming in the soup.


Unlike the usual starchy shark’s fin soup with hardly any visible fins, everyone enjoyed the second item on the menu immensely as we were blown away by the sweet tasting crab meat and bits of shark’s fins. Yes, and not to mention that real good ingredients were used and we could tell that soup was brewed long enough that the sweetness of the ingredients diffused into the soup.

Sauteed ‘Gui Hua’ Clams with Broad Beans served with Beancurd Skin in X.O. Sauce

For a person who doesn’t like beans, I actually enjoyed the broad beans that was crunchy and sweet. We all thought we were eating sotong as the clams tasted so much like sotong! Did they say X.O. Sauce? It was barely detectable. What killed the whole dish was the oil. It was far too oily that we felt queasy after that.

Steamed Live Marble Goby with Minced Ginger

Fresh catch indeed. The fish was nicely executed topped with minced ginger that gave the extra oomph. What was really good was that the fish was served almost boneless! I wonder how the chef did it. Nice one. However, I suspect they used corn flour or something similar to coat the fish as there was a starchy texture which turned soggy in the sauce.

Braised Pork Belly with Vintage Vinegar

We didn’t notice that we had pork belly in the menu or we wouldn’t have ordered the separate ala-carte roasted pork. By this time, our stomachs were already quite full. I felt the pork belly was disappointing as the standards fell so much from the previous time I dined there. No doubt the pork belly was soft and juicy, but again, there was a porky taste/smell that was overpowering. Again, it was too oily and we gave our feedback to the polite server.

Steamed Rice with Diced Pork, Sausage and Yam served in Earthen Bowl
We heaved a huge sigh of relief as we come to the final course before the dessert. Luckily the rice was flavourful enough so I still managed to finish my portion. Mum and sis thought that the claypot rice at The Cathay Restaurant fared much better. I thought Tung Lok’s version was better though.

Chilled Mango, Pomelo and Sago with Ice Cream
The first mouth my sis tried she exclaimed that it was better that Ah Chew Dessert at Liang Seah Street. Well, I brought them previously as I thought they would like it. Apparently they didn’t. But anyway, glad they all enjoyed the dessert at Tung Lok though our stomachs were bursting already! The ice cream was the one that gave the dessert a unique taste. It tasted like coconut ice cream, which went very well with the not too sweet mango.

Mian Hua Gao (Cotton Cake)
Just as we thought our stomachs could start digesting and take a break, the waitress served us Tung Lok’s complimentary ‘mian hua gao’. The cake tasted like marshmallow! That was what I could remember other than the fact that I was really full.

It was $268++ for the set meal for 4 people, excluding the additional roasted meat and coconut juice we ordered. We overheard from the table beside us that the two VIP guests were not too impressed with the food that evening as well. So I was right about the dropped in standards. Maybe it was another chef that evening or something else? I shall not discredit Tung Lok for there were a few courses in the menu I enjoyed.

Sage The Restaurant

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This place certainly made to the top of my favourite makan list. What a nice back-to-school lunch with the Gourmet Club friends! We made reservations for 10 but it seemed like we booked the entire place aside from one or two couples sweet talking over lunch at another cosy corner of Sage. Service was satisfactory, but the table of good company compensated for the lack of the hospitality. For an upmarket restaurant like Sage, expectations are usually higher. Service-wise, I felt the minimum was done. Food-wise, heavenly!                      


Executive Set Lunch at Sage is definitely money for value for the good range of items on the menu. For a selection of any 3 courses from 3 different categories, you can have your lunch at 38++.  A 4 course lunch would be $45++.                        

Complimentary Bread                         


 The complimentary free flow bread was the best I ever had. Served piping hot, the bread was soft and fluffy. A perfect pairing with olive oil and vinegar.                       


Caeser Salad $12                           


I don’t usually skip salad on the menu. It’s a wonderful beginning to complete meal. Sweet and refreshing baby romaine lettuce leaves you reaching back to the salad bowl for more.  Tossed in anchovy dressing with shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano, bacon bits and herb croutons. For me, a good salad is pretty simple. The greens have to fresh, cold and juicy. Salad dressing is what makes good salad addictive and the one at Sage passed the test. On top of that, the crispy bacon bits and herb croutons give the salad more kick. Awesome.                         

Asparagus & Egg $12                        


If you’re a sucker for eggs, you’ll love this. Coated with Parmigiano Reggiano, the egg is deep fried leaving the inside soft and three-quarter cooked. Interesting! This warm appetizer doesn’t come across as refreshing as the usual ones but it’s good enough. Poached green asparagus beneath is cooked just right. Though I don’t really fancy asparagus, I quite like it here. I didn’t manage to try the purple cress and sauce vierge though.                         

 Crab & Tomato $12                      


I wanted to try something different and add some variety to the table of our usual salads and soups. On first taste, my appetizer tasted queer. Sour, sweet, salty and cooling. I couldn’t really make out what it’s supposed to taste like. After a few mouths, I fell in love with my crab and tomato! At the bottom is the marinated crab claw salad. The crab claw salad was really cold, like how I like salad cold. The green creamy texture of avocado bavarois gave the appetizer a cooling feel. Together with the vine ripe tomato gazpacho and green celery nage, what a perfect combination!                         

 Foie Gras $30 ($15 supplement applies to set menu)                                              


 Can you imagine this plate of foie gras is so sinful that it contains up to 90% fats, as suggested by a friend. That means that in order to serve such an awesome dish, the chef has to be make sure that the fats don’t melt at the stove, but in your mouth! I regretted not opting for this appetiser, which could easily replace a main course! This is the second time I tried foie gras, and boy, I just know this is the real deal!                    

Minestrone Soup $12             


This is no ordinary minestrone soup that you have tried at almost every restaurants. Instead of having the popular mushroom cuppuccino that everyone ordered, I decided to go for this. I enjoyed the soup a lot! The generous summer vegetables and smoked bacon blended well in the flavourful chicken broth topped with fresh herbs.      

Mushroom Cuppucino $12        

 Yes, did I mention the popular Mushroom Cuppucino? Cream of wild mushroom topped with warm milk broth. This is definitely a favourite among us. As someone whose stomach don’t agree with milk, I thought that the soup was rather milky.

Duck Confit $28 ($8 supplement applies to set menu)           


This is one long awaited course. I have long read about Sage’s duck confit. Not surprisingly, almost everyone ordered this for the mains. I love the crispy duck skin and the soft and juicy duck leg. The savoy cabbage parcel with a fricassee of field mushrooms and foie gras, Pommery mustard jus, complements the duck confit perfectly.          

 Wild Boar Pasta $20         


Homemade fettuccini pasta with wild boar slow cooked in red wine and tomato concasse. I had a mouthful of this and wasn’t exactly blown away by it. You can find better pasta elesewhere. 

Prawn and Crab Pasta $20   


Stop guessing, it’s squid ink, yes, and tossed with pesto emulsion with crab meat and grilled tiger prawns. My friends who ordered this said that it didn’t impress.         


Chocolate Fondant $16 ($5 supplement applies to set menu)        


Those who tried this commented that Bakerzin’s chocolate lava cake was much better.         

Fruit Soup $12       

This is the most interesting dessert I’ve ever seen! After a satisfying and full meal, perhaps something light and refreshing would be good to end of the meal. And yes, the fruit soup succeeded. I enjoyed the summer fruits and berries in chilled rock melon soup scented with mint essence. What I liked was that the mint essence flavour was quite mild and was not too overpowering. And, the blood orange sorbet was good too.
Chocolate Fantasy $12 

 The glazed dark chocolate mousse was really smooth that it slid down my throat and melted, savouring the rich dark chocolate. White chocolate ganache, crunchy chocolate pearls and nougat chips with verjus sprinkled over the mousse added a twist. I thought the raspberry sorbet went well with the thick and rich chocolate mousse too!

Wow, this is a really long post. I thoroughly enjoyed lunch at Sage though the bill was quite hefty for a poor student like me. Well, for that romantic date or memorable event, I’m sure this is definitely worth the buck. Sage, I’ll be back!     


 No. 7 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238957
Tel: (65) 6333 8726
Fax: (65) 6836 3326

Once Upon A Milkshake

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Once upon a milkshake, or OUAM for short, featured on the must-try lists after reading so many excellent reviews about it. So we went down to try them out! And met LadyIronChef there as well, was nice to meet him there.
We decided to play it safe while being adventurous, venturing out with the Grumbling Raisin, essentially rum and raisin ice cream milkshake, and staying safe with the Agent Strawberry, with the cute and pretty interior, it was perfect that it is conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar MRT as well.

Grumbling Raisin – Regular $5.50
Ever tasted Udder’s Rum and Raisin? This one tasted very similar, albeit with lesser rum, but still with the smooth texture, interestingly refreshing taste, it would be wonderful to chill out with good company whilst sipping a delightful mouth of this drink–I would gladly give away calories to this in exchange for some endorphins.

Agent Strawberry – Regular $5.50
We thought, what could be so special about Agent Strawberry? It was, the hue of fresh strawberries swirling within, the juice of strawberries was evidently present as well. It was great.
Just a piece of advice, go with the mini instead at $3+, a small cute cup, you can actually try much more flavours! We should have anyway. Because after these two cups aka mugs, we were so full, but satisfied at that too! Recommended definitely! You’ll not be disappointed if you’re looking for a cup of endorphins! But it may be a bit sweet for some yups.

32 Maxwell Road
#01-08 Maxwell Chambers
Tel: +65 9823 3779