About Us

Hello there! =) Thank you so much for reading our blog, whether you’ve stumbled upon this or otherwise.

Simply put, we just enjoy good food. The aim of this blog is just to share good food with readers, hopefully it’ll pop an idea into your mind the next time you’d like to arrange a simple get-together with friends, first dates, or even just to satisfy hunger pangs!

Good food just needs to be savoured, there’s nothing exclusively gourmet-esque about it, we’re all little gourmets in those taste buds, we all love that heartwarming souffle which melts those Monday blues away, that plate of stone-grilled beef which perks up that tired mind. and there’s no putting a price tag on it! We mean that both figuratively and literally. Savoury delicacies are just a few dollars away-a simple chocolate chip cookie will zap those frustrations into the mist of aromatic flavour. We’d all love that good ol’ packet of chicken rice to fill the gastrointestinal system of a hungry-soon-to-be-angry man! No matter how different we are in tastes and in expectations, the feeling of a good meal is just as similarly splendid.

Hope we’ll give you a pleasant read in the office, at home, after work, anytime of the day! By the way, we’re new in this flogging thing, and if there’s anything which you’d care enough to tell us, do leave a comment! Greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,

your flog-ministrators


One Response to “About Us”

  1. I think your website is fenomenal! I’ve been searching for 3 hours for restaurant reviews, and find most websites frustrating, uninformative, boring, flimsy, etc – but once I discovered yours I just browsed page after page.

    The layout is just perfect. Nothing too fancy, no hidden contents, no irritating adverts, and thousands of links and blocks, eindows etc.
    And your photos are superb!!

    Love your web site!

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