Blic Ice Cream Cafe

It’s time for some comfort food.

I’ll be on a two week hiatus before bringing good food to you. I shall leave you now to be hungry for ice cream.

I pinched myself for not joining the food bloggers after our March outing at Halia for an invited session to try the ice cream by a new ice cream parlour, Blic. They were all full of praises and I told myself I have to try it for myself!

Blic is just a stone’s throw away from Temasek Polytechnic. The carpark was quite full and it took us some time to find a lot. It was all worth it I tell you.

We were greeted by the friendly owners of Blic. I love the pleasing interior of the ice cream cafe. The cafe was filled with fragrant durian aroma and we all looked at each other in agreement.

Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice Cream ($5.20)

Yucks, I used to hate durian. You heard me right. But being adventurous food lover, I stop at nothing to impress my picky tastebuds and satisfy my fat belly. After trying out Four Season’s Durian Pancakes, I kinda took a liking to durian thereafter. Once in awhile, I do crave for some good durian, though I still stay away from the fruit itself.


Blic’s Mao Shan Wang was fantastic. So good that we bought one pint to take home. Blic didn’t compromise on quality. It’s like the real deal, yums. The flavour was strong enough and gave that extra oomph.

We were undecided about the other flavours and were offered to try a few of Blic’s bestseller. It was a difficult choice. I wish I could have them all.

We settled for Blackie ($3.20), cookies & cream I suppose?


Cookies & cream is the safest choice for ice cream and Blic scores on this flavour as well.

& there I was, craving for some smackin’ hot brownie ($3) as well.


Even though ice cream is Blic’s specialty, their brownie was not a let down either. A pity there wasn’t vanilla ice cream to go with the piping hot brownie served. Blic offers the Mexican Vanilla though, and according to Ben, the Mexican Vanilla is another type of vanilla beans that look exactly like the usual ones, but with a stronger and spicy flavour. Mexican Vanilla? Next time perhaps!


I know nuts about ice cream making, but I know that Blic makes really good ice cream. =) I love how smooth Blic’s ice cream are. I’m not sure for you, but I could feel Ben & Larry’s (owners of Blic) passion in their ice cream. It’s no wonder Blic is doing so well even though they have just entered the industry. It’s a very close competitor to my current favourite ice cream parlor, Udders. Can’t pass the verdict yet because I haven’t tried Blic’s alcoholic flavours and Udder’s durian flavour.

Blic, I’ll be back right after my exams!

Ice cream is my comfort food, what’s yours?


Blk 802 Tampines Ave 4 #01-23
Singapore, 520802
Phone: 67860860
Mon – Thurs: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 12:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

9 Responses to “Blic Ice Cream Cafe”

  1. Angeline Says:

    wow. Mexican vanilla ice-cream? I must try it out!

    • thisisyummy Says:

      wow that’s fast. yup but i think it’s an acquired taste, like almond. LOL. novel flavour though.

  2. Ahh.. I’m craving for the Rum n Raisin, Butterscotch and Tiramisu dessert already! Prob heading for a visit after exams!

    • thisisyummy Says:

      yes yes i only stole a sampling of Tiramisu but apparently it’s Tiramisu ice cream leh. i’m definitely going back right after exams too!

  3. Angeline Says:

    LOL. does it taste like almond paste? If it does, i wont dare to try it. haha

    • thisisyummy Says:

      i can’t put a description to how it tastes like cos i’ve nv tried anything close to it before. but taste is much stronger than the usual vanilla. i say almond because eh, idk man. you shd try it before you buy it and help me with the description. =)

  4. I’m not a durian fan (ate too much when i was young) i would skip the mao shan and head straight for blackie instead. 😛

    • thisisyummy Says:

      haha! luckily i hated durian when i didn’t know how to enjoy food then. you have to try it! you won’t regret. =P

  5. I’m the same about durian as well! I won’t run away from it, but I wouldn’t crave for it either.

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