K ki ケーキ


Tucked at a small corner of Ann Siang Hill is the little dröm stall. While checking out the cute artsy fartsy cameras and products by budding designers, have a piece of cake at K Ki! What a perfect way to enjoy a peaceful afternoon, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Kenneth and his wife, Delphine, were very hospitable. They were sharing how they would cycle to K Ki early in the morning to start baking and cycle home in the evening after a day’s work. How nice, doing something out of passion rather than the constant pursuit of financial stability. Maybe someday, I might be able to leave everything behind and pursue what I really like!

Antoinette $8.00

This is my favourite! A perfect yet unique combination of white chocolate cake with mango filling. I’m craving for this as I’m typing this entry!

Mona $8.00

Mona is good too. The cream is well textured and the layers together packs a punch. I like my cakes with different textured layers, not those that’s just plain sponge cake with lots of cream.

Strawberry Tart $6.50


K Ki’s strawberry tart fares decently. If only it had my favourite custard. Yums. K Ki’s cakes are original and even the most common strawberry tart available everywhere is done differently at K Ki!

Kinabaru $8.00


The lovely couple at K Ki really takes pride their creations that even the name of some cakes are original and actually have a story behind it! Once again, K Ki scores at the perfect layering combination here. Coconut mousse, passionfruit creme and lychee mousse. Kinabaru is a really light flavoured cake with the different layers going well with one another and yet not too overpowering. I like this cake second best, very close behind Antoinette. =)

Cafe Dumo $7.50


The cute name reminds me of the popular Domo-kun. If you realised, K Ki’s cakes are mostly light flavoured and Cafe Dumo is probably one of the few richer cakes that K Ki offers. This is no ordinary cake, worth the try if you do head down to K Ki at Ann Siang Hill.

Mont Blanc $8.50


I had my first Mont Blanc at K Ki. Having heard raved reviews about Mont Blanc, I was keen to find out how it tasted. It was really good! Though I haven’t been around to try other Mont Blanc cakes, I’m quite certain Kenneth did a great job there. This is another cake I’m going back to K Ki for!

I’ll definitely return to K Ki, real soon!

K ki ケーキ
7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel: +65 6225 6650

9 Responses to “K ki ケーキ”

  1. i see you have got back on blogging. welcome back and looking forward to more yummylicious posts 🙂

  2. Aaah, so adorable. ;______;

  3. yeah! You’re back! :DD
    I think i’m the last on the planet who have yet to visit kiki!

  4. Hahaa! I love the photographs and I’m so looking forward to your other posts that you’ve lived up!

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