Choupinette, tucked in a corner beside Coronation Plaza, was well accessible and from how much I’ve heard of it, it looked simple from the exterior and the interior was hustling with the Sunday breakfast crowd, all ready to lap up a delectable brunch. Alrighty then, as it has received much acclaim and praise of their professionally-done eggs, let’s get straight to it!

Egg Royal $21
Well, the first thing that certainly struck was a look at the menu, and as the eyes scanned across for the price. We gasped. $21. It had to be good. And certainly it was. I mean, what can go wrong with Salmon, my personal favourite, and of course firm poached eggs with a nape of hollandaise sauce. Just like the one at Riders’ Cafe, we had initial inertia of spoiling the perfectly nested egg by kniving into it, releasing the runny yolk all over the toasted English muffin. Here, I was wondering if I should have ordered the proper Egg’s Benedict instead, with the warm ham probably making the texture even better and the Breakfast experience even better. Here, at least for me, it didn’t all go too well with the Salmon, although I will be the last to reject a fresh slice of salmon on anything. Overall, it was fantastic, and the warm sauce coated its lovely components. Wonderful, though the price is a pinch we were staring around when we finished like.. “was that over already?” so quick. So do savour it when you get to! It’s served with Orange Juice, Florida Natural I think, as well as breakfast tea.

Millefeuille Framboise $7
Following up on our craving, I went to look at the wide range of desserts to be chosen from. There is really a luxury of choice there. I decided to go with the pretty Millefeuille Framboise, basically raspberry with a thick pastry crust with what seemed to me like custard and cream cheese within. It was sweet and a pleasant experience eating, although it was defying the law of physics how a pastry crust can be even harder than the compelling metallic material of the fork. We made a mess, but oh, that’s how we all like our food, don’t we? It was an excellent dessert to cap off a good dining experience with Choupinette, although it did leave a hue of charred leather in my wallet. Hah.

Choupinette, near Coronation Plaza
607 Bukit Timah Road #01-01
Tel: 6466 0613


6 Responses to “Choupinette”

  1. Egg Benny!!! My love..
    They are pretty generous on the hollandaise sauce i see! 😀

  2. Atas egg ben!! Haha.

  3. One of my sister’s favourites! I have yet to try this place though!
    I am so going to try this place sometime soon!!

  4. thisisyummy Says:

    Angeline: oh yes! mr. eggs ben is a welcomed sight on a sunday morning isn’t it! if only it’s readily available on our home dining tables. hah =)

    myfoodsirens: hah yar lor atas banyak banyak(much)! hah. but it’s so sikit(little). =X

    HungryEpicurean: oh yea! it’s readily accessible with a bus stop right outside Coronation Plaza. planning to give ya sister a treat? =D

  5. This is really one atas egg benny! My Prince ben in london only cost about £8 = $18! But it’s real delish!! Haizz…i miss my prince dearlyyy

  6. thisisyummy Says:

    Angeline: such romance. =) wah that’s surprising cos i would expect it to be tastier in london than over here! but i suppose it’s more commonplace there as well. yum yum!

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