Sage The Restaurant


This place certainly made to the top of my favourite makan list. What a nice back-to-school lunch with the Gourmet Club friends! We made reservations for 10 but it seemed like we booked the entire place aside from one or two couples sweet talking over lunch at another cosy corner of Sage. Service was satisfactory, but the table of good company compensated for the lack of the hospitality. For an upmarket restaurant like Sage, expectations are usually higher. Service-wise, I felt the minimum was done. Food-wise, heavenly!                      


Executive Set Lunch at Sage is definitely money for value for the good range of items on the menu. For a selection of any 3 courses from 3 different categories, you can have your lunch at 38++.  A 4 course lunch would be $45++.                        

Complimentary Bread                         


 The complimentary free flow bread was the best I ever had. Served piping hot, the bread was soft and fluffy. A perfect pairing with olive oil and vinegar.                       


Caeser Salad $12                           


I don’t usually skip salad on the menu. It’s a wonderful beginning to complete meal. Sweet and refreshing baby romaine lettuce leaves you reaching back to the salad bowl for more.  Tossed in anchovy dressing with shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano, bacon bits and herb croutons. For me, a good salad is pretty simple. The greens have to fresh, cold and juicy. Salad dressing is what makes good salad addictive and the one at Sage passed the test. On top of that, the crispy bacon bits and herb croutons give the salad more kick. Awesome.                         

Asparagus & Egg $12                        


If you’re a sucker for eggs, you’ll love this. Coated with Parmigiano Reggiano, the egg is deep fried leaving the inside soft and three-quarter cooked. Interesting! This warm appetizer doesn’t come across as refreshing as the usual ones but it’s good enough. Poached green asparagus beneath is cooked just right. Though I don’t really fancy asparagus, I quite like it here. I didn’t manage to try the purple cress and sauce vierge though.                         

 Crab & Tomato $12                      


I wanted to try something different and add some variety to the table of our usual salads and soups. On first taste, my appetizer tasted queer. Sour, sweet, salty and cooling. I couldn’t really make out what it’s supposed to taste like. After a few mouths, I fell in love with my crab and tomato! At the bottom is the marinated crab claw salad. The crab claw salad was really cold, like how I like salad cold. The green creamy texture of avocado bavarois gave the appetizer a cooling feel. Together with the vine ripe tomato gazpacho and green celery nage, what a perfect combination!                         

 Foie Gras $30 ($15 supplement applies to set menu)                                              


 Can you imagine this plate of foie gras is so sinful that it contains up to 90% fats, as suggested by a friend. That means that in order to serve such an awesome dish, the chef has to be make sure that the fats don’t melt at the stove, but in your mouth! I regretted not opting for this appetiser, which could easily replace a main course! This is the second time I tried foie gras, and boy, I just know this is the real deal!                    

Minestrone Soup $12             


This is no ordinary minestrone soup that you have tried at almost every restaurants. Instead of having the popular mushroom cuppuccino that everyone ordered, I decided to go for this. I enjoyed the soup a lot! The generous summer vegetables and smoked bacon blended well in the flavourful chicken broth topped with fresh herbs.      

Mushroom Cuppucino $12        

 Yes, did I mention the popular Mushroom Cuppucino? Cream of wild mushroom topped with warm milk broth. This is definitely a favourite among us. As someone whose stomach don’t agree with milk, I thought that the soup was rather milky.

Duck Confit $28 ($8 supplement applies to set menu)           


This is one long awaited course. I have long read about Sage’s duck confit. Not surprisingly, almost everyone ordered this for the mains. I love the crispy duck skin and the soft and juicy duck leg. The savoy cabbage parcel with a fricassee of field mushrooms and foie gras, Pommery mustard jus, complements the duck confit perfectly.          

 Wild Boar Pasta $20         


Homemade fettuccini pasta with wild boar slow cooked in red wine and tomato concasse. I had a mouthful of this and wasn’t exactly blown away by it. You can find better pasta elesewhere. 

Prawn and Crab Pasta $20   


Stop guessing, it’s squid ink, yes, and tossed with pesto emulsion with crab meat and grilled tiger prawns. My friends who ordered this said that it didn’t impress.         


Chocolate Fondant $16 ($5 supplement applies to set menu)        


Those who tried this commented that Bakerzin’s chocolate lava cake was much better.         

Fruit Soup $12       

This is the most interesting dessert I’ve ever seen! After a satisfying and full meal, perhaps something light and refreshing would be good to end of the meal. And yes, the fruit soup succeeded. I enjoyed the summer fruits and berries in chilled rock melon soup scented with mint essence. What I liked was that the mint essence flavour was quite mild and was not too overpowering. And, the blood orange sorbet was good too.
Chocolate Fantasy $12 

 The glazed dark chocolate mousse was really smooth that it slid down my throat and melted, savouring the rich dark chocolate. White chocolate ganache, crunchy chocolate pearls and nougat chips with verjus sprinkled over the mousse added a twist. I thought the raspberry sorbet went well with the thick and rich chocolate mousse too!

Wow, this is a really long post. I thoroughly enjoyed lunch at Sage though the bill was quite hefty for a poor student like me. Well, for that romantic date or memorable event, I’m sure this is definitely worth the buck. Sage, I’ll be back!     


 No. 7 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238957
Tel: (65) 6333 8726
Fax: (65) 6836 3326

4 Responses to “Sage The Restaurant”

  1. it’s a long post but i thoroughly enjoyed reading it! hungry for desserts now, at 9am in the morning haha

    • thisisyummy Says:

      So reading food reviews r like reading papers in e morning! Haha. Yea I had alot of difficulty posting this entry. Somehow wordpress is quite problematic.

  2. Yay the mushroom cuppucino is my fav too! Not sure whether you like cod, but Sage’s cod is one of the best I’ve tried =D Give it a go when you go back next time!

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