Skinny Pizza


I have been wanting to try Skinny Pizza as recommended by many of my friends and having seen so many raving reviews about it. As you might have expected, the pizza has got to pack some punch. However, it didn’t turn out as expected.


Mushroom Soup


To start, we ordered mushroom soup that was served piping hot with bread. Although the soup came across a tad watery, the fragrant mushroom bits saved the soup. I like my mushroom soup creamy and thick.

Squid Ink Pizza


The pizza crust was really thin that it cracked and fell into pieces when you hold it. The pizza came with generous toppings of greens, which we conveniently chucked them aside. Argula leaves are not my kind of food. Bitter is the only word I have for it.


Back to the pizza, I enjoyed the fresh squids that went well with the squid ink thin pizza crust. Having tried squid ink for the second time, I thought my both experiences were vastly different in terms of taste! I can’t pass a verdict to what squid ink tastes like yet. Which is the real stuff?


Skinny Pizza fared averagely for its pizza and soup. Not as fantastic as I thought or read about. It’s all about novelty I guess. Like the never ending crowd that persistently floods the newly opened malls along Orchard Road, Skinny Pizza’s novelty could be what that attracts the crowd. For a fussy eater like me, I’d prefer my pizza slightly thinner than the usual Pizza Hut crust topped with lots of cheese, definitely not Skinny Pizza which is probably good for snacking the lazy afternoon away.


501 Orchard Road
#03-04 Wheelock Place
Tel: +65 6235 7823
Daily 10am – 10pm

6 Responses to “Skinny Pizza”

  1. haha. skinny pizza looks like nachos with toppings. Great for snacking!

  2. Haha so qiao, I just posted on Skinny Pizza before reading your post. Looks like you didn’t love it like I do! I find it really addictive.. And the sweet potato nibblets are great!

    Anyway, didn’t get a chance to talk to you that day.. Hopefully we can catch up more at the next outing! =)

  3. […] I discovered Skinny Pizza (see reviews here (with pics of the below-mentioned squid ink pizza) and here) last year when my colleagues and I […]

  4. Din like it either.crust was burnt.too much greens on top of pizza.din taste as good as it looks.burnt taste still lingers on my palate.good service tho

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