Once Upon A Milkshake

Once upon a milkshake, or OUAM for short, featured on the must-try lists after reading so many excellent reviews about it. So we went down to try them out! And met LadyIronChef there as well, was nice to meet him there.
We decided to play it safe while being adventurous, venturing out with the Grumbling Raisin, essentially rum and raisin ice cream milkshake, and staying safe with the Agent Strawberry, with the cute and pretty interior, it was perfect that it is conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar MRT as well.

Grumbling Raisin – Regular $5.50
Ever tasted Udder’s Rum and Raisin? This one tasted very similar, albeit with lesser rum, but still with the smooth texture, interestingly refreshing taste, it would be wonderful to chill out with good company whilst sipping a delightful mouth of this drink–I would gladly give away calories to this in exchange for some endorphins.

Agent Strawberry – Regular $5.50
We thought, what could be so special about Agent Strawberry? It was, the hue of fresh strawberries swirling within, the juice of strawberries was evidently present as well. It was great.
Just a piece of advice, go with the mini instead at $3+, a small cute cup, you can actually try much more flavours! We should have anyway. Because after these two cups aka mugs, we were so full, but satisfied at that too! Recommended definitely! You’ll not be disappointed if you’re looking for a cup of endorphins! But it may be a bit sweet for some yups.

32 Maxwell Road
#01-08 Maxwell Chambers
Tel: +65 9823 3779


6 Responses to “Once Upon A Milkshake”

  1. i dont like rum and raisin in general, but it seems that their one is a popular choice among the diff flavor. will try the agent strawberry next time!

  2. I’ve yet ti visit this place! *humph!*

  3. Heh, we tried the same flavours! Actually, I was thinking it’s better to get the regular sized ones like you did.. I got the mini versions and ended up craving for more haha.

  4. thisisyummy Says:

    LIC: oh heyy! hah oh i see, yea the rum and raisin was veri akin to Udder’s RumRumRaisin ice cream, was surely nice however, some may feel it’s a little too sweet yea. hmm oh yups the agent strawberry was surely one with good texture and tasted as if there were fresh strawberries inside, nice.

    Angeline: heyheys! oh no worries, it’s very accessible near exit B of tanjong pagar mrt, sure you’ll get to drink that yummy cup of ice cream milkshake! =) cheers.

    myfoodsirens: serious? wow that’s coincidental, hope i will get the chance to return to try the other flavours =D oh i see, ha! but we were so full! could have tried more flavours with the mini-s, but i tallied up the prices, $3.30 for mini and $5.50 for regular, the difference in volumes was certainly more than the money! hence it was so enticing we decided to go for regular, only to become so full. hah. scully we bum into each other there! hah.

  5. Like the fairy tale concept of OUAM and according to Yuan, this place draws crowd during weekday lunch.

    Agreed with you on the mini, you can easily finish 2-3 cups, so good as a starter kit. Yuan and I likes the Peanut Butler and if one doesn’t mind the sweetness, Cerious Maple is unique…

    Haven’t tried their Rum N Raisins though but their home-made cookies is worth a mention.

    Btw, nice talking to you and Daniel, hope to see u in the next outing šŸ˜€

    • thisisyummy Says:

      Yea but my stomach don’t respond well to milk so I don’t think I’ll return anytime soon. Haha.
      Thanks for dropping by!
      Nice to meet u and yuan too! & grats! =)

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