The Hand Burger @ Raffles City


(Picture taken from LifestyleAsia)

“This burger had my hands together, shuffling with anticipation.” Hah.

I’m feeling hungry and would like to sink my teeth into a delicious patty of ground meat sandwiched between two glorious pieces of bread/wheat bun! If you ask me, at the moment, I think The Hand Burger would be a good choice to gun for.


The ambience inside was interesting, with pull-out crates being the seat and the matching wooden tables, it feels as though it’s really from the kitchen to your table, fresh and presented for your sumptuous meal. Lunchtime on weekdays would have the place crowded with working people in office attire from around the place, with the interesting interior and bustling exterior, let us go in to have a look! =)

Original Promotion Meal $11.80

Served together with a Poached Tomato, the original hand burger was fabulous. With the fresh beef minced, compressed together into a patty, conformed to one with egg white without being too hard when grilled nor being too fragment-ish to crumble immediately when a fork is pierced therein. Nicely and intricately done. Atop it akin to an icing on a cake would be the sweet onion jam as its condiment and a simple layer of lettuce. Much has to be said about the burger bun being not the ordinary white bread; it was parmesan bread slightly glazed with a small morsel of butter making it flavourful. Put a slice of cheese at room temperature onto a freshly sizzling cooked patty, it melts delightfully for our viewing pleasure, or in our case, eating pleasure! The beef was not too cooked, it still contained its “juice” and chewy-ness. =)

Beer Dory Promotion Meal $12.80



Being largely a fish lover, I ordered the Beer Dory Promotion. (Fish is rich in Vitamin B12!) They were surely generous with their serving with two thick slices of dory fish nestled on top of a honey wholewheat bun also slightly glazed, with melted cheese. Interestingly, they deep fried thin slices of lotus which had the texture of a thin crust. The sauce condiment was well done, with what tastes to me like honey mustard with butter and a hint of lemon dashed across. With two thick pieces of dory, I sneakily put one aside to eat later, and if only I had ordered their straight-cut fries instead of another poached tomato, I could have had a mini-Fish n Chips meal therein! Heh.


Their poached tomato was interesting, we were figuring out how their purple cabbage shreds and carrot strips got into the tomato! Hah I made a far-fetched suggestion that it could be genetically modified, lol, if only science was that advanced, but who knows. There was a hole bored into it at the bottom, so there. Hah. The sauce atop it was economically made with the contents of the tomato previously carved out through the hole, and then made into a sauce cleverly to pour on top. I placed one entire half into my mouth and woot, it drained my guilt for eating so much meat previously! Hah, false assurance? But their food is not oily at all, nor was it too salty, perfect for a rewarding lunch!

(Photos taken with Nokia E72)


The Hand Burger
Raffles City
Tel.: 6334 4577
Open Daily from 11:30 am – 10:00 pm.


6 Responses to “The Hand Burger @ Raffles City”

  1. haven been there, the decoration don’t appeal to me, but the duck confit burger that they have sounds good

  2. I had a great time at The HandBurger the last time I went too. 😀 Imba Original Handburger.

  3. amazing, i went to the handburger only just yesterday! the works was quite alright, satisfied my burger craving.

  4. thisisyummy Says:

    LIC: oh i see, it was quite a zen-like appearance though the lights were so low my head almost hit one! =D oic is it? shall try the duck confit as well next visit! thx!

    J: Haha yea! It was such a satisfying experience crunching into the patty. =D will def go back a second time to try the others as well =)

    harris: haha what a coincidence! we might have been there tgt! haha cos i went there recently as well and only posted it much later =D hah yea satisfies meat cravings. =p

  5. I know I was very impressed with their marketing efforts – promoting it before it opened, with small booklets describing their burger options. totally digged the origami-esque depictions of the burgers. so cute.

    Really like the poached tomato. My first time cutting open a tomato and finding coleslaw inside. Like you, I thought it was real cool.

    One gripe I have though, is that they never do their sweet potato fries right. First time I tried it, it was soggy. Second time, it was burnt. I don’t think there’ll be a third time. I guess it is a burger place after all, haha, not a sweet potato fry place!

  6. thisisyummy Says:

    hey cheryl, oh i see, yea i sorta like the booklet concept as well, with the clipboard concept but it was sorta chui after being handled by so many hungry diners! yups the poached tomato was a delight!

    oh i see, thanks for the warning i’ll keep a tab on their fries, haven’t tried them as yet cos we both ordered poached tomato. yup. yea but will be back there for the burgers!

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