Apple Guava

I love apples, red and juicy ones!  Do you?

& guava ? I’m not a serious fan of guava though.

How about apple guava, also known as Psidium guajava? 

It’s really nice, the guava taste is retained with the sweet outer green coating. Is this apple guava safe for consumption? I googled about it and thought it was just like any other fruits until I came across this blog. Nvm that it was expensive at 3 for $10 at Heartland Mall. What I’m more worried about is the bad effects of the colouring of the sweet green coating. No wonder it tasted like candy, so sweet that I commented it’s artificial.


All 3 apple guavas are gone and thankfully I’ve decided to blog about it else I wouldn’t find out about the possible bad effects and continued to be exploited by the dishonest fruitseller. Safe for consumption or not, what say you?


2 Responses to “Apple Guava”

  1. hi…

    i really curious about this article. i lived in bangkok for abt half a yr before and they actually sell this at all the fruit stalls all ard bangkok. i always thought it is a natural fruit… have been eating it alot when i was over there. nothing happened to me yet. hah.

    • thisisyummy Says:

      i just saw a stall in chinatown selling these apple guavas as well. not sure if the rumoured ill effects are true but they taste artificially sweet to me so i guess i’ll give them a miss.

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