Everything With Fries @ Joo Chiat


Who says you can’t have everything? =P

Located around the corner of Joo Chiat is a gleaming white eatery, with waiters/waitresses delightfully dressed in a pink T shirt and white bottom, it was exuding enthusiasm, hence I had high expectations for the place.
First up I ordered the signature Nutella Milkshake $3.90
It was simply excellent, delightful, every single word with a positive connotation, it was all of that, unless you don’t like Nutella in the first place, but then again, who doesn’t? For us at least, it was intravenous endorphins. =) With the texture of the milkshake not being too thick nor watery, and the contents having little bits of Nutella grains within, it was simply a joy to drink this, we were both longing for another glass of it! Highly recommended and this is yummy. One of the best our inexperienced taste buds have been exposed to! Yum.

Second up would be the Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich $8.90
For light eaters and those who just want a snack to chill over, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches may be the way to go. With a slight tang from the honey mustard added within, and a layer of melted cheese sandwiching the fresh cool ham, it was quite some delight. The lightly toasted bread made it crunchy without it being crispy, nicely done. The baby caesar at the side was fresh and crunchy, good combination with the sandwich. It’s quite healthy as well! However, the fries were so-so, normal and for a place called Everything with Fries, I may have placed uneven expectations on the fries, but it was just alright, like any fries you would get at a hawker centre western food stall. It was too salty as well, making us thirsty, and with the water being slow to arrive, you may want to leave the fries to the last.

Breaded Salmon $13.90
The breaded crust of the salmon was done to precision. Done excellently over a sauce of butter and lemon juice, it blended well with the taste of the salmon without overpowering it. The salmon was fresh, turgid and done blue rare, nice! With the cooked exterior graduating to yummy flakes, and fading into raw sashimi-like texture. Nice! And at a very reasonable price as well because the serving was rather generous. The coleslaw was good as well with crunchy fresh greens, or in this case, purples! Haha. Once again, the fries were alright, I ordered this curry flavoured, but it tasted more like those with Maggie noodles flavour powder atop it. But I’ve got to say that the fries were crispy, and not too oily either.

Nutella Tart $4.90
It was marvellous! With nutella sauce drizzling down the seductive edges of the chocolate/nutella fudge pie, it was fantastic, absolutely fabulous. Would have been perfect if I had left some Nutella milkshake over to go with it! However, advised to be taken over as a supper or afternoon tea, for after dinner, this sweet-for-my-sweet-tooth chocolate may be a little too filling! =) Hah, but it was excellent, with the recognisable taste of warm nutella and the fudge of endorphinogenic chocolate, eating it whilst discussing how to enjoy a Christmas weekend, it is gorgeous.

Pear Tart $4.90
We thought we may as well have something light to go with something as sinful as the Nutella tart before, how about a pear tart? It was not awful, it was not fantastic either. The pear was recognisable within it though, and well done for not making it too sweet nor making the sour taste of fruit awkwardly present within.
I speculate that the reason why it is called Everything with Fries it’s because of its unique way you can choose your fries to be serve. A choice between bootstrap and through-cut, one being more of the McDonald-ish kind and the other being more of the wedge-y kind. And next, you can even select the way you want you fries to be done, either with curry sauce, or with garlic onion, just to name a few out of the array of choices you have.

Overall, a very nice ambience, situated within the heart of Joo Chiat/Katong (next to Obolo) , it is readily accessible by bus and by driving, with parking spaces a potential problem, but found in comfortable abundance across the road beside Katong Mall. The service was good as well, with the waiters patiently explaining to us the choices and the ingredients, and what he recommends as well. The white interior portrays an energetic atmosphere at the same time with calm, chillax mood to bring friends over. I will definitely recommend this place. =)
And, from us over here at Thisisyummy, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! May the last week of 2009 be aย fruitful one for you and be a sign of many happy returns over the new year! Rejoice in the company of those precious to you, and what better way to do so than over some yummy food?


458 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 6345 5034
Opening hours: Daily, Noon โ€“ 10pm (Closed on Mon)

17 Responses to “Everything With Fries @ Joo Chiat”

  1. oh my, i’m thinking of doing a bloggers outing just to have a piece of that delicious looking nutella tart!!!

  2. Happy boxing day!! =D Iโ€™m bookmarking this place, just for the salmon and the nutella tart!

    • thisisyummy Says:

      myfoodsirens: heya! haha. =) yea hopefully you’ll find the food suitable for your taste buds as well! =D yups happie boxing day to ya too! =) and happie holidays! i went there again today, the coffee eclair, $3.90, one egg soup, $3.90, were passable only, nothing special. yups. and my friends actually looked forward to the saltiness of the fries! haha. but oh yea, the breaded salmon and nutella tart were awesome! =D hope you’ll have an enjoyable time there ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers!

  3. Seems like many people love their nutella tart. tried it once but can’t really taste nutella? haha
    But I’m glad it suits your palate. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thisisyummy Says:

      hello! u’re so fast! i just commented on ur new blog too! the top coat is nutella rich and i love the oreo cookie crumb! of course there are other nicer cakes out there!

  4. haha. the only thing i like about the tart is the oreo cookie crust! Pretty addictive!

  5. i’m feeling the urge to visit after viewing those photos =p nice angles captured!

    • thisisyummy Says:

      thanks for the compliments ya! hehs. yup let me know if u like it there and maybe the other good stuffs on the menu too! =)

  6. happy new year! hope to see you in the many outings to come! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. happy 2010! Eat more yummy stuff in the new year! Cheers! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I’m abit slow over here But happy new year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Did you try their curry fries? It gives me a high. Love it to bits! So glad I live in the East. So convenient, especially if I have a sudden craving for good fries.

  10. thisisyummy Says:

    oh their curry fries? oh yea it was not bad, but i dunno, it sorta tasted like those mamee ingredients? but yea overall the food there was great, tgt with the nutella tart and milkshake!! ooo~~ craving for it now.

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