Obolo @ Joo Chiat


Oh obolo!

Obolo Degustation Set $13.90

First up all the way from Obolo Joo Chiat… Buche Cristal!
The cake was a sight to behold, so beautiful and cheerful! It would be so wasteful to spoil the beauty with our ruthless forks, oh wells, but let’s take the beauty into our taste buds. More under the class of spongecake/swiss-rolls than cake proper, the texture was so fluffy and by the time we reached the Ivoire mousse raspberry lychee gelee, it was such a refreshing experience with the sour tang of the raspberries taking over the taste of the Vanilla bean infused sponge cake base. And it was a welcome mix with the strawberry creme to complete it. By the time we were delighted by the cake, it was time for more with the Macarons perched on it! Almond and Ivoire flavoured. Yummy. The praline feuilletine base together with the gelee, Noel’s Christmas Collection @ Obolo is certainly not to be missed this season!

Macarons – Salty Caramel and Chocolate Hazelnut
Whoa! A hearty collection of Macarons were there for our picking! We went with Janice’s (the friendly staff there) recommendations of Salty Caramel and Chocolate Hazelnut! It was one of the best Macarons we’ve ever eaten in our limited experience. Yummy. As the fork pried in, a therapeutic crunch was emanated into the air. Fresh. Taking out a piece of the meringue shell together with the ganache in between, Salty Caramel was the star of the day, being one of the “Chef’s” recommendations. The caramel taste was un-gelat and so authentic, what’s there not to like is a cliched expression most applicable here.

And.. lastly all the way from Switzerland to the heartlandish Katong, Movenpick ice-cream.
Yum, of course it’s not a product of the cafe, but the combination of Movenpick Creme Brulee ice-cream with the macarons and cake from Noel’s collections, it was a powerful combination to take our breaths away. I would say Movenpick has the best Ice-cream out there hands down, with the Creme Brulee being so authentic and flavourful, first-class.
Just sit back, chill out with friends, take a magazine from the stands there. And complete it with a walk down Joo Chiat, memory lane.

We’ll definitely be back there for their specialty cheese cakes! Cheers. =)

452 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 6348 9791
Opening hours:
Tue–Sat: 11am – 8pm
Sun 11am – 6pm (Closed on Mon & PH)

Pictures taken using Canon EOS 500D.


2 Responses to “Obolo @ Joo Chiat”

  1. You are luckier than me! My choices at Obolo were all wrong =(

  2. thisisyummy Says:

    heyys! =) oh hah, we just followed janice’s recommendations regarding the noel’s collections 2009 =) they gave us these nice booklets with nice pics as well good service i would say, on that day at least. ^.^ cheers!

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