Homemade Pancakes

After our trip to Rider’s Cafe, I wanted so much to go back there, sink my teeth into the fluffy texture of the pancake. As I was contemplating my return visit to Rider’s, I thought “why not make my own pancakes!” So that was it. I bought all the necessary ingredients, I cheated by buying Aunt Jemma’s premix pancakes. All I had to do was to mix butter milk and egg yolk, then combine with the dry mix and fold in the well beaten egg white. I read about this method on Evan’s blog as I certainly won’t want a flat pancake.

Far from a decent pancake! Well, it did turn out edible, but you wouldn’t want to try it. It tasted somewhat like fried bread with egg, charred on the surface. Dad even thought it was roti prata!

Then Evan actually told me that I used the wrong temperature, so silly of me! I tried again using at medium heat and allowed the pancake to cook slowly, I mean really slow as I took 5 minutes for each side of the pancake. The results were much better, but taste not quite there yet. At least it looks more like a pancake now. Was it the premix or something else that I can’t get the McDonald’s hotcakes taste-alike?

Making homemade pancakes was a new experience, very different from all the baking I did for my Home Economics in Secondary School and leisure, nor was it like whipping up a meal at home. A lot of time and patience and maybe, hunger tolerance cos by the time the pancakes was ready, it was close to lunch time! The next time I’m craving for pancakes again, I’ll go back to Rider’s Cafe, or other places which we’ve yet to try yet!

Pictures taken using Canon EOS 500D.


5 Responses to “Homemade Pancakes”

  1. haha i tried evan’s recipe too but mine were far from fluffy probably cos my baking powder’s been left out for too long…

    • thisisyummy Says:

      i thought separating the egg yolk and white was a good way to fluff up those pancakes. yea do share ur results the next time u try making pancakes again!

  2. aiyo zay, so u used my method + aunt jemima’s premix. funny la u! aunt jemima sucks btw, i just threw out a whole unused carton of it. nx time really, try my recipe from scratch. it really taste like MCD’s hotcakes, if not totally, at least 90% alike!

    • thisisyummy Says:

      i thought premix was fool proof! it turned out otherwise! i still have half a box of aunt jemimia left. haha. yup thanks for the useful advice and recipe. will try ur recipe from scratch probably this week. =)

  3. another of my blog reader made pancakes using my recipe, and hers turned out just like mine :


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