Etna – Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria



Located snugly in the row of shops in Siglap, Etna is a fabulous sanctuary to be in with great ambience, warmly sincere service, and of course, excellent Italian food!

The owner himself was very warm and cordial, welcoming us and explaining to us patiently each and every specialty which he recommends to perk up and please our taste buds! He really knows his dishes well, and we felt really welcomed, he put on his reading glasses and gave us his little insight on what to begin a Friday evening.

Garlic bread together with Ricotta cheese and pickle


The thin crunchiness of the bread was the starter, with the cheese blending in oh-so-well, with the olive oil injected right deep into the bread for us to taste the essence of a basic dish. But I am not a pickle person sorry!

Linguine Al Granchio Crema Di Aragosta $22


It looked delicious and it tasted fantastic, all we can ask for in this authentic Italian dish. There is just something so intrinsically tasty in the sauce of the linguine, with the al dente strands of pasta so Q to bite into and the pink lobster sauce was simply delightful. Everything about this dish was right, the balance between creaminess and taste, with taste predominantly enveloping each strand which was boiled to perfection, the flat pasta was simply sensational. It was served in generous proportions, but the pink lobster cream sauce was so sweet yet with hues of lobster taste woven in, and as each mouth of pasta was accompanied with fresh pieces of lobster, what’s there not to like? This is yummy.

Penne Alla Polpa Di Granchio $18.50


This was another household Italian dish with a surprise, it tasted as if it was fusion food! The endorphin-producing effect of Singapore’s signature chilli crab adapted into an Italian pasta sauce, and coating each short tube pasta with it blending with traditional tomato sauce which preserved the taste of pure tomatoes-this makes it so un-gelat as well, making each mouth a refreshing experience. With cute cherry tomatoes inside and basil, eating this was a simply a fabulous way to sit around good company, eating a meal which was intricately titrated with flavours yet satisfying a simple, primal craving for good food, allowing us to just enjoy a simple evening.

Silician Wine – White Tasca Di Almerita Regaleali $12


The house pour from Etna, the owner lets out a little trivia about it, Silicia is a place in Italy where the fearful mafias came from! But this one is anything but fearful, in fact, the house pour went extremely well with the seafood pastas which we have ordered. A fruity tang to the backdrop of the wine, with a little oakiness to complete the taste. Goes well with the seafood.


They have a great selection of other authentic Italian wines as well, but of course, if your wallet is thick enough that day! =P

Tiramisu $8


An Italian dessert which is a result of plenty of hard work and precision. With the lady fingers soaking in the Kahlua and black coffee, the layers of mascarpone cheese and the egg white was a delight to eat. The chocolate powder on top was done nicely, ever had those experiences of “breathing” in the powder, inducing a violent cough? This one did not, layered neatly on top of the dessert of grandeur. It was done well, with nothing wrong about it, but it was just normal still. Would have preferred something more flavourful about it, with perhaps more Kahlua and black coffee to soak up the lady fingers? Just a suggestion. But we somehow like it that way.


In summary, Etna is a fantastic place to chill out, melting away blues, as well as celebrating goodies of the week. With a great ambience, and the Italian atmosphere with nice evening music, soulful and pleasing. Of course, Etna boasts about its traditional pizza oven which they specially shipped in from its European homeland. Other specialties would include the Scallop pasta in pink lobster sauce, its pizzas and the Pistachio tiramisu, but we were so full and satisfied after all those dishes, we will definitely be back to try more of their yummy dishes! The owner, the service, the ambience, the food, it was just a fantabulous experience there. Highly recommended, do check it out! =) Just to point out, they even have a delivery service with all the dishes on the menu available, making it a great place to consider as well to order-in for parties, gatherings, chill-out sessions.

Cheers, have a great weekend!

119 Upper East Coast Road
Tel: 6444 9530
Opens daily: Lunch 11am – 3pm. Dinner 6.30pm – 11pm (largely indoor with al fresco sitting as well)

Pictures taken using Canon EOS 500D.


4 Responses to “Etna – Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria”

  1. I realised I haven’t been reading your blog for quite awhile since that Ootoya’s post! To make sure that doesn’t happen again, I’ve linked you on my blog. Hope it’s ok? =)

    Etna sounds great! And great pics to tempt me haha. Been reading positive reviews bout it on HGW too. Btw, I think there’s a pistachio tiramisu on the menu right? Is that the one you tried or are there 2 types of tiramisu?

    • thisisyummy Says:

      hey yups thanks for linking! we’ll do up a links page soon. =)

      yea there’re 2 types of tiramisu. we tried the pistachio tiramisu on our first visit but not posted in the entry. the tiramisu in the entry is the normal one. we’d recommend the pistachio tiramisu actually. =)

  2. no news about their pizza?

    • thisisyummy Says:

      oh hey mike, hmm we haven’t gotten the chance to go back yet, but will post an update on their famous pizzas and pistachio tiramisu when we can!! thanks for reading =)

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