Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie @ Raffles City


Hullo! it’s end of the week! And the start of a long weekend. hope yall have had a fantabulous week!

Well, we’ve initially planned to lay our taste buds to a treat at cedele in raffles city, but rats! Blistering barnacles it’s closed for renovation! They’ve stated that they’ll be closed till mid dec aka christmas. so stay tuned frens! =)


But we still have a fantastic alternative for you if you’re walking around Raffles City and have hunger growls furrowing your eye brows-and that is Canele. Yes, it’s the dashing place right outside MPH and the ATMs. With a calming ambience beside the water fountain therapeutically relaxing us, we were in for an excellent meal to begin the weekend with a smash! =) With such a long enticing list of goodies, what should we choose? ooo… the luxury of choice!!

Big Breakfast Pizza $13.50


Whoa. The word sunny-side up shone glaringly, and my eyes lit up with craving and hungrily! I certainly have a soft spot for all things breakfast! If only breakfast sets were available all day! That would be smiley smiley for everybody! Do you just find something simply delightful about breakfast sets? I do! Haha. The pizza is really as good as it looks. And as I was trying to equate the food and the taste with words, there was just something that struck me on my mind, it is simple, simply delicious. There is just something primitively seductive about the egg yolk dribbling down invitingly down the edges of the meticulously prepared pizza. The crispy crust, combined seamlessly with the tomato sauce, mozzarella, and bacon beef pepperoni, the taste mixes excellently in the mouth, and chewing it just gives us a feeling of satisfaction. It just makes it a fabulous plate of food to be shared between two people, and simply catch up over food! Because as much as we love food, the company, the ambience has to be there to complete the taste, the concept of “total bliss”! Heh.

Doria Bolognaise and Poached Egg With Parmesan Cheese – $16.00


There we go again. We’re tempted by the eggs! It just looks too perfect to be eaten, do you ever get that feeling of just perserving the beauty of an un-pricked yolk? But hey, let us enjoy the sight of the food and savour the tastes of it! Let the taste buds enjoy as much as the visual components for the eyes! I have certainly not eaten baked rice which has tasted like this before. The parmesan cheese definitely enriched the flavour of the rice and certainly complemented it well, and there is just something about the deliberately but intricately charred exterior. Whilst the taste of burnt food was hinted somewhat, but it somehow did not spoil the taste at all, instead, it gave a homely feeling to the dish; after all, home-cooked food definitely can taste much more soulful and enriching than the most expensive foie gras for example. However, the bolognaise was a tad too salty. We might be biased with our proclaimed love for eggs, but the poached egg definitely saved the dish, again going well with the parmesan cheese and I am sure we all love egg with rice don’t we? =) This dish in my humble opinion is good to try, generally. But the pizza previously was definitely a more refined tasty dish for the hungry. =)

Nougatine – $13.50


Oh my goodness. This one certainly gave us plenty to rave about! We certainly loved this powerful flavour packed crepe! When the dish arrived, we just let out a little hush of awe. It was so carefully arranged, and it looks oh-so-inviting. My hand holding the fork was thinking which way to go! Well, how about the heavy whipped cream? A little fraction of cream propped atop the tip of the fork and when it enters the mouth, it was rich, fantastic, yet somehow light and pleasant! Wow. The crepe was enveloping its illustrious ingredient, Nutella! Nutella was perfect for the crepe as it is not too chocolatey yet it provides the rush of endorphins and the uncontrollable smile of glee, and that was how we felt as well with the Nougatine ice cream! With little walnuts mixed within to provide something crispy to chew on, it freshly combined with the caramel and Nougatine ice cream, when we ate it, the rush entered the bloodstream and lo and behold, a feeling of simple satisfaction and contentment, just makes us feel like relaxing back on the chair and just simply savour it all up! And you know how caramel can sometimes overkill with sweetness? This one was just sensational, teaming up with the other ingredients and not domineering over anyone. And as we playfully cracked the crisp apart by hitting it with our butter knife, it was really… perfect. You should really try it, good to share amongst 2-3 people because it is really value for money, in terms of both quality (definitely) as well as quantity! =) You’ll enjoy it hopefully as much as we did!


all in all, Canele is terrific place to go to with friends to chill-out, your girlfriend to simply enjoy some yummy goodies, or even a first date beside the splendid fountain next to it. Good food, good company, cheers everybody.

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-81/82 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Operating Hours:
Daily: 10am – 10pm

Yoguru – Yogurt with peach top up – $5.00


Oops, we’re not that greedy! Just some healthy yogurt that’s all. How insatiable. Haha. Yea walking pass Yoguru, with the colourful pretty array of fruits available to top up and sprinkle over the yogurt, we just spent $5.00 more, and it was really worth it. In my humble person opinion, it was more in quantity in regular than its medium counterpart at Yami, and it tasted to much fluffier and the peachy tang in it just made us yearn for even more! The peach top ups were not too sweet, it was definitely nice to feast our eyes on the Christmas lightings near Raffles City as we enjoyed Yoguru’s yoghurt. Yummy.

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-55 Raffles City Shopping Centre

Have a good long weekend everybody! Have some laughs, and hopefully some fantastic food! =) Cheers.

Pictures taken using Canon EOS 500D.


7 Responses to “Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie @ Raffles City”

  1. good to see another canele review, i have been meaning to visit it for their famed desserts or prob some hot food too, the nougatine crepe looked so tempting, i shall give it a try tmorrow 😉

  2. Heyy zayyyy! So I can recommend you to places and you can do entries on them eh? HEHE love your FLOG. anyway say hi to dan for me!

  3. my exams are OVER! ended last thursday hahaha. anyway, Skinny Pizza @ Wheelock is pretty good, I enjoyed it. (:

    • thisisyummy Says:

      HAHA i ended the same day as you too! that’s early. i read about skinny pizza before! will try it out. why u nv blog about it? =) HA. i wanna try swee choon after reading ur entry too!

  4. hehehhe gonna blog about skinny pizza NOW.


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